Direct Response Sample 2 – Nally & Millie

A quick, friendly introduction to get customers excited about a new handbag line.
Industries: Fashion, Apparel

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Dear Mr./Ms. [—–],

Introducing the Nally & Millie Frésia handbag line!

We’re proud to launch the Nally & Millie Frésia handbag line! Like all Nally & Millie products, these fun, flirty handbags are made from the finest materials.  Each group has it’s own distinct personality and pattern to fit the woman carrying it.  And with three different styles for each group plus multiple colors to choose from, ladies can accessorize specifically to any outfit – from classy to casual.

With so many choices, these hip, eye-catching handbags are sure to appeal to women of all ages.  Current Nally & Millie customers will flock to them and new Nally & Millie customers will fall in love with them.  We’re proud to bring the Frésia handbag line into the Nally & Millie family, continuing the tradition of offering products with comfort, quality and style.


James & Nally