Faux Finish Academy Direct Response Example

A direct response letter (via email) directing potential students to sign up for classes.
Industries: Education, Fine Art

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Email header: Sali Convention Specials on 2006 Faux Finish Classes

Dear Artist:

To be successful in today’s decorative art market a faux finish artist must have vision, a mastery of technical skills and keen business sense.

Does your faux finish portfolio boast the vision and mastery that today’s savvy clients and designers are looking for?

Do you have a strong portfolio but struggle to get the attention of potential clients?

At Faux Academy, you’ll not only expand your vision, your skills and your portfolio, but you’ll also become an expert businessperson, putting you miles ahead of the competition.

Our 4-week turnkey beginner’s course offers:
• A 3 week business e-class with the 4th week of hands-on experience in our studio
• 18 original, avant-garde finishes/sample boards from traditional and non-traditional mediums
• A discount of $150 if you sign up today at www.FauxAcademy.cowm

And with these exclusive fringe benefits to help you get your studio off the ground, success is just around the corner:

Bonus Boards. Create additional finishes from successful boards of our past students.
Our studio is open 24 hours. Because we know inspiration can strike at any moment. Create as many bonus finishes as you want using extra boards at no cost.
2 weeks of free marketing on your behalf. Yes, while you build your portfolio, we market you in all your demographics.
Business Templates. Business card, color tri-folded brochure and magnetic car sign templates are offered at a small cost.

A successful career begins with exciting vision, excellent technical skills and sharp business sense. Faux Academy is the place to start. Become a serious FauxArtist @ Work™. Visit www.FauxAcademy.com today and sign up to receive a discount of $150 on our unique beginner’s class (mention Code 2212006) and the 4-week business e-course.

Want to see my unique avant-garde finishes up close? Please visit me at the Sali Convention in Chicago, IL on July 17, 2006.

Your success is my success!