Job Satisfaction

Employees can strongly contribute to an organization’s success by having a customer-centric approach In their work and in their work-related Interactions. However, they are more likely to do so If they are satisfied with their Job. Ftp://chlorofluorocarbons. Com/ Documents/CSS_sees_relationships. PDF I agree with what Is the outcome of the study. A satisfied employee would create good customer satisfaction for what he or she does in the workplace basically is the reflection of what he or she feel being a member of such organization.

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Employee Turnover Elizabeth Medina Job Satisfaction and Employee Turnover Intention: What does Organizational Culture Have To Do With It? This study finds that Job satisfaction Is Inversely associated with turnover Intention and that organizational culture moderates the magnitude of this relationship. Sub-group analyses reveal that job satisfaction is more predictive of turnover intention for younger workers. These findings have significant implications for the changing composition of workforce due to the aging population. Http:// academicians. Olympia. Deed/catalog/AC:3A156625 think the result is correct. Most Likely employees In their younger age Is more likely eapavinghan those In their older age even without yet considering whether they are satisfied or not. Job Performance BY DaDaveS. C. ; RaRandallelationship between Job Satisfaction & Job Performance: A Meta-Analysis LaAlfonzond MuMunchkins1985) analyzed 217 correlations from 74 studies and found a substantial range in satisfaction-performance correlations across the job satisfaction 0. 29 for overall Job satisfaction.

For their primary analysis they averaged the facets performance correlations and reported an average true score correlation of O. ttHttp/www. quQuietistcoComibrary/]ouurinal GIGIG325698274/relationship- between-Job- satisfaction-job-performance The result Just increases the theory that indeed Job satisfaction has to do with Job performance. The more you are satisfied with your Job the more you do your work productively and effectively. Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCCOBDavid A. Foote Thomas LiLieing Tang Job satisfaction and organizational citizenship behavior (OCCOB Does team commitment make a difference in self-directed teams?

The relationship between Job atdistractionsnd OCCOBas shown to be significant, as was the relationship between team commitment and OCCOBMost importantly, the relationship between Job satisfaction and organizational citizenship behavior was moderated by team commitment, such that the relationship was stronger when team commitment was high. htHttp/www. emNearsightedlycoComoDOIbs/lo. 1108/00251740810882680 Job satisfaction reflects really reflects the bebehaviorf the employee towards other. A satisfied employee would be much willing to surpass expectation and do greater performance because they are satisfied.

In accordance those that were satisfied in their work are more likely to built a better team. JOB SATISFACTION Absenteeism Mary anAnncMaclClooney study of the relationship Between absenteeism and Job satisfaction, Certain personal characteristics, and situational factors For employees in a public agency.