Management Is the process of planning

The alma and purpose of this report Is how I will handle my problems In year one of my degree program. “Management Is the process of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling the work of organization members and of using all available organizational resources to reach stated organizational goals” (Stoner, 2006). “Motivation Is the factors that cause, channel and sustain an Individuals behavior” (Stoner, 2006).

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Self-motivation will help me throughout year one of my degree program. Self-motivation Is Important to everyone In their study or achievement. Self-motivation is important because self-motivation is the force that keeps pushing me to complete my assignments and coursework in portfolio 1, especially when I do not know how to start and about to give up. Self-motivation helps me achieve my personal goals and self-development to make me become more independent. In addition, self-motivation helps me to face and solve the entire problem that I encounter.

An individual without self-motivation will not success. Without self-motivation my assignments and coursework in portfolio 1 will not be complete by the due date and cannot follow what the lecturer in teaching then and end up in failure. Furthermore, I will motivate myself by attending some seminar at least two month once to improve my knowledge. When I am free I will surf the internet to research is it any seminar that are free or low cost admission that I afford. For example, seminar on business. I will take up a hobby.

Having a hobby can help e to relax my mind, relieve stress and gain experience. For example, swimming, dancing, listening music and handcraft can be very informative. Self-management helps me to throughout year one of my degree program. Self-management is Important because it help me to manage what I should do first and how I go through my life. If I without self-management all my work or thing will be messy and not successful. Furthermore, I will manage myself by time-management. I will organize and plan things in advance as it will reduce my stress levels as well.

This In turn sakes me more efficient. Firstly, I will list down all my work by the due date of assignments and coursework In the portfolio 1 In a draft to avoid leaving out any Important things. Lastly, I will draw a time table to arrange all the work from the Important to not so Important ones according the due date. Then I will follow the time table to start my work. Furthermore, stress-management also Is the way I should do to manage myself. If someone has stress It will affect the brain to function well especially while doing exam.

In year one of my degree program I will face the stress n my studies, finance and relationship. I will relieve my stress by listening the music, dancing, jogging, playing games and attending some talks about “How to relieve stress? “. In conclusion, everyone should have self-motivation and self-management to the behavior to meet the expectation. Self-management makes everyone work more efficiently. In addition, always remember that time is a limited source and it is always on the move and “stress is a double edged sword that can also break us down emotionally and physically’ (Stillwater, 2010).