Personal Development

Such as I tend to weigh the pros and cons before I make a decision, I have a habit of making sure that I am absolutely clear on what I am trying to achieve fore I take on any actions. Also I do like practical exercises such as cooking. Nonetheless, I would like to broaden my learning styles a lot further, to become a more effective learner, and the steps I would take to achieve this is to try and endeavourer to do something completely out of character at least once a week, and also practice thinking out loud.

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Distractions (friends, music) Motivation levels Group Work Food / Drink Time management ( How long o learn) Emotions Environment Lack of Understanding Change in personal circumstances Pressures Factors Positive Negatives Inside Anglia Risking University Outside Anglia Risking University Explanation Distractions (TV friends,) 0 0 This can be seen as a negative factor as it takes an individual’s attention away from the task or activity they completing.

So distractions such as talking to friends while doing assignments can be very unproductive for an Anglia Risking Student. Outside University a factor that can major distract a student from their learning is watching television while working. 0 0 Research suggests that stress can block chemical reactions in Stress the brain that are necessary for learning. Stress can disrupt learning and memory placement as it forces the brain to regress to basic survival needs. To nurture learning, students should learn how to reduce stressful situations.

Learning 0 0 0 Learning environment has an effect on the motivation of students. For example if a student was in the library at ARE, he/she is more likely to be motivated to study, rather than in a social place. Food/Drinks Lack of food can affect learning, because lack of food, means lack of fuel for the brain to think and remember. So students should endeavourer to have 3 meals a day. Lack of resources 0 Lack of resources would have a big negative impact on learning because thou resources, a student cannot work to his/her full potential.

To avoid lacking resources, students should endeavourer to go to all lectures and seminars. Music 0 0 0 Music can be a negative and positive influence on learning. A lot of people find (including myself) that listening to music while leaning helps them to stay focused on their tasks. It has been proven that classical music helps concentration. Listening to music can also be negative for learning as certain songs can allow a person to easily get side tracked and focus on the music more than he task hey are completing