Mobile phone

Web Development Since early ass, it has been observed that the youths are mostly the pioneers of designing web pages for organizations, companies, government enterprise and so on through the use of web authorizing tool; software for developing web pages. Other programs that can be used in achieving this task include: Java, VRRP, Hotmail PRO,

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Net objects fusion, site builder, CSS, PH, Basic, Macromedia Dreamier, and front-page etc. Web development develops the youths by empowering them to navigate life thereby making life easy and favorable to them. However, web development does not only empower the youths but it contribute to economic growth globally through the development of websites that enable buying and selling to take place without any form of inconvenience or the barrier of distance and time of traveling.

Other ways web development can empower the youths is by means of enabling other youths to host the site and get paid while others become database touts through online tutorial and for knowledge base as well. Example of young people who develop such websites includes: Mark Greenberg who develop backbone. Jack Doors who develop twitter site and many others like go, watchstrap etc 2. Software Development This involves knowledge of programming where most youth who are skilled in the systematic approach to the design and implementation of software for handling various task.

Most young programmers engage in developing new applications while others tend to work and improve on the existing one. Presently, young programmers eve been able to develop Geographic Information System (GIS) that can be able to tap into providing CIT service products that can help the agricultural sector in some countries to develop to it peak through: The development of an application that can be installed and turned on cellular phone or on web. This could serve different purposes such as monetary supply chains, checking of metrological data, current prices, giving agricultural prices and so on.

GIS services for both new and old farmers. This aid feasibility studies for agricultural development and enable farmers to have information before hand on what yield would look like. . Mobile Phones The use of mobile phone has greatly enhanced the development of youths precisely in Nigeria both home and abroad. Youths are empowered by selling phones, setting up call centers, selling of air time or recharge cards, charging of phones for a price, sharing of knowledge and experiences with friends while chatting online with friends thereby making them not to see other developed nations as small heaven.

It is important to note that they use the resources gain in sponsoring themselves in one way or the other. The mobile phones can serve as initiative to the touts who are musicians where they may be at the middle of somewhere and may have an inspiration so the best way to keep such is to use the phone recorder in recording the inspired song. Radio and TV It is said that when you are informed, you are empowered but when you are not then you must be deformed.

The Radio and TV channels have has contribute enormously towards the development of young people worldwide through series of educational programmer which may be weekly or monthly which empowers them positively in their carrier or profession whereas, some serve as news presenters and journalist as well. 4. Entertainment Industry CIT facilitate the development of youths by making their creativity come to real, others have fully develop their talents in music, model, acting and comedy while others serve as Des in parties and clubs, studio worker, photography through the aid of CIT tools. . Internet About 95% of the youth are dependent on the use of internet. The internet is the biggest library known globally today because it comprises of different resources and reference materials in different fields or profession. Most youths control cyber café where people come in often time and browse consistent in search of information. . Maintenance Many young people today are empowered through the repairs of CIT tools like: computer, mobile phones, radios & TV, satellites etc.

In Nigeria, precisely both rural and urban areas, youths are fully engage in the maintenance of CIT tools while some others are specialist in the installation of satellite for users and earn good money that make them responsible people in the society. 7. Specialist In Training Others The need for CIT literacy calls for specialist who will be able to teach effectively. About 80% of users of CIT facilities are the youths, therefore, having a broad knowledge of how this CIT tools are been utilized means that they can develop their gleaning’s and training non-literate individuals which will earn them means of livelihood.