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Mmmm…chocolate. I mean, chocolate LG Phones…

So you’ve searched all the LG phones and found the one that has the features you need. You can listen to music, shoot videos, take pictures, watch streaming videos and even use it as a walkie talkie. Oh, yeah, and you can use it as a phone to call your friends and family. Great – it’s got every thing you need. But how does it look? How does it feel? It may seem strange to some, but how a cell phone looks and feels has become almost as equally important as how you can use it. Luckily, LG mobile phones are made in various sizes and shapes so you can really purchase the one that fits your style.

Did you ever think there would be such a thing as a chocolate phone that wasn’t edible or appear in a Willy Wonka story? Why on earth did LG mobile name a series of their phones after a candy? Well, maybe it was to make your mouth water. But probably because it’s the size of a candy bar and is just as delicious…in a multi-media kind of way.

For instance, whereas other LG phones are smaller and open in the classic flip style, the chocolate phone slides open to reveal the soft-touch keypad. And the colors for these cell phones are hip and fun, with names to match, like Blue Ice, Black Cherry, Blue Mint and Pink Chocolate. Easy to hold and easy to use, different colors means you really get to match your phone to your personality. LG mobile devices seem to double as accessories.

Music is what it’s all about with LG mobile phones, and design is the icing on the chocolate cake, so to speak. Most of the cell phones in this line have incredible features like external graphic equalizers, streaming or downloadable music from VCAST and the ability to move music to and from your PC.

But even if you don’t want a chocolate phone, by browsing the other LG phones you’ll find that the size and style you want is just waiting for you at a greatly discounted price. You can look through all the LG cell phones and easily compare design, price and features. LG mobile phones will make you look and feel good – while you’re listening to your favorite music and watching your favorite videos. So check out the phones at LG right now and satisfy that craving!