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In recent years It has evolved and become more of a major event Involving popular music artists and holding bigger surfing competitions which has made it a more economically valued event attracting visitors room all around the UK. “Set in idyllic fields of Watergate Bay in Cornwall, Broadcasters festival is a unique festival with an undeniable charm” This music, skate and surf festival is held in the second week of August every year which is the peak tourist time in Unequal with the aim to attract more visitors for the weekend.

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Holding the festival at the same time every year ensures visitors remember the same calendar dates every year and return again. Broadcasters creates a huge Impact on the economic income for Cornwall due to the amount of visitors traveling in from all areas of the ELK. According to the Unequal Voice “There is an El 8. 8 million impact as a direct result of Broadcasters which equates to 80% going to Unequal and 20% going to the rest of Cornwall”. However this can create a huge impact on the environment too.

Local residents are not always happy about major events being held In their area due to the different factors Influencing their day to day lives on the week of the event. Noise and visual pollution, litter and crime all take an affect on locals due to do a strong fluctuation of tourists. However Cornwall council have gently taken some action on a scheme to introduce a beach clean before, during and after the festival to help overcome these issues and to promote an CEO-friendly vibe to the event. The festival now upholds CEO-conscious activities, ensuring that all waste Is recycled wherever possible and twice dally beach cleans ensure nothing Is left beheld. ‘. The Broadcasters festival Is located In the the most popular south west destination of Cornwall in Unequal. Its spread across the fun, surfer friendly and student beach of Fistful, all the way across to Watergate Bay which is a more family roundly beach. Many other music festivals such as Gluttonously or V Festival attracts mainly over 18 students and groups who are willing to travel further with friends to enjoy a memorable weekend away for the summer.

However Broadcasters has taken more family friendly vibe to the festival. This widens the market and means that there will be a rise in ticket sales due to local families being able to attend with children for a fun, friendly atmosphere. This music and surfing festival has been promoted and advertised to be very laid back and relaxed which gives out a different vibe completely. According to several festival review sites, when Broadcasters is held in the second week of August, it is the talk of Cornwall.

It may not be the biggest, most popular event in the UK however it has a nicer, family friendly atmosphere which is something that most festivals no longer have. Some of the artists that headline are popular worldwide and therefore accounts for most of the net profit from ticket sales. Ben Howard, Deed Sheerer, Basement Ajax and Dizzied Rascal have headlined the last two years which inevitably has attracted most of the visitors from round the I-J. While the sporting side of the festival will continue to make the headlines, Broadcasters have shown they are more than capable of putting on a great weekend of music.

Sponsorship is one of the main factors needed to pull off a successful event. Without a good sponsor it is very difficult for an evolving community, major or mega event to include and pay for other important factors into their planning. Funding is a main priority to event planners because without this, it is almost impossible to be able to afford suppliers, marketing, advertisement etc. Relentless energy drink has sponsored Broadcasters in previous years in order to create awareness, stimulate sales and to sample products.

This will act as a huge support to the festival and will enable the planners to pay for suppliers to create the event. Due to the festival being a family friendly zone, there were strict restrictions put in place by the festival organizers to ensure that the week was controlled. This resulted in a clean, relaxed atmosphere allowing the music to really flow. Broadcasters will remain a strong force on the festival circuit for years to come. References Allen, J. Tooled, W. , Harris, R. & McDonnell, 1. , 2008. An overview of the event field.