Roles and Responsibilities of Tourist Industry

The roles and responsibilities For costumers to have satisfactory time using each component In the travel and tourism Industry the companies would have follow and complete their role and responsibilities to make sure that both they are used for other journeys and to give the costumer the enjoyment of their holiday. Doing this would attract more visitors by the good reviews.

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Accommodation Accommodation is a main component in the travel and tourism industry as this where most people worry about before the tourist attraction as they want to be in a fee and comfortable place when they travel. There are 3,200 Hilton hotels located worldwide, which shows they are always used, Hilton are always refurbishing and updating their hotels to keep up with styles and expectation.

They provide many services depending on the type of travel, they provide smartly designed meeting rooms and are all provided with tool and technical support to provide a successful meeting. Hilton make sure that the business meetings are both professional and polished by having the correct tools to allow the guest to manage guest list, secure guest list and plan seating arrangements and also host up to 700 and more business attendees with the 10 and more meeting rooms provided.

Refreshments are provided with the full-service catering. They provide for special event and weddings which Hilton provide stylish venue to create that memorable special occasion, Hilton also provide the service of hosting and planning the special event. They have smartly designed facilities making it ideal for birthday, retirement parties to reunions and many other celebrations. Hilton makes sure that the right venue is picked, a secure accommodation and also manages guest lists.

Hilton believes are deeply dedicated to catering for wedding as they believe they are the most special occasion. Hilton has wedding and event planners that cater to helping with the engagement party and showers leading to the wedding, the wedding rehearsal, ceremony and reception. Hilton also plans honeymoon with planning tool helps to reserve blocks of guest rooms, manage guest list and design a menu that satisfy the needs. Hilton also have resorts which provide spa treatments, meals that are chosen by the guest and private beachheads views.

When tourist stay at Hilton for leisure holidays Hilton provide Well- If internet access, LCD TV. They provide fitness room, indoor swimming pool or steam room and sauna. There is a bar outside terrace which provide relaxation for the tourist/guest. There is also an executive Lounge where complimentary breakfast and refreshment that the tourist/guest are able to have. Travel exchange: now what value to give people in the destination they are going to if they have different currency so the tourist may lose out on the money and may be charged more.

So Post Office provide an exchange of money service which people come and exchange money for wherever they are going, they provide exact rates and always updating to make sure they are the best rates with 0% commission. They provide free delivery on all order and it is next day delivery which is good if you need it straight away and also the tourist/customer does not have to leave the house if they do not eave transport and they can have the right amount delivered to them, no hassle.

The post office offers over 70 different foreign currencies, and they do not have handling fees so the Post office promotes an easy way to exchange money both online and in shops. They also have rates converter so you are able to know how much it is to convert without asking and in the comfort of own home. Providing these services allows the customer easy travel and one less trouble for them to worry about. To have to work out the rates of each country and how much they would need.