Sunrise Detox

Compassionate, informative narration for sensitive audience.
Industry: Health and Wellness
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Choosing treatment for drug and alcohol abuse takes courage. Choosing the best treatment can change your life. Sunrise Detox is dedicated to dignified recovery. We provide first class medical and clinical care in a cozy, comfortable facility. Known as the premier detox center in the country, Sunrise Detox has opened a new facility in Sterling, New Jersey serving the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area.

At Sunrise Detox, you’ll experience a safe medical detox protocol that keeps withdrawl symptoms to a minimum. You’ll enjoy flat screen TVs in every room, pillowtop mattresses, healthy meals, numerous relaxing common areas and a furnished patio with lush, natural views. Our compassionate staff members provide 24-hour medical attention before, during and after your detox is complete. Dedicated counselors guide individual and group sessions as well as aftercare planning to help you transition to a healthier lifestyle. Upon request, accommodations can be made for transportation, insurance policies and private rooms.

Sunrise Detox truly gives you the treatment you deserve; the treatment that will change your life. Give yourself the chance to detox with dignity at Sunrise Detox