The Customer Satisfaction Level on Service of Simply Thai

The Problem and Its Background Customer Satisfaction Is defined as the number of customers, or percentage of total customers, whose reported experience with a firm, Its products, or Its services exceeds specified satisfaction goals. Customer Satisfaction provides a leading indicator of consumer purchase intentions and loyalty. Customer Satisfaction data are the most frequently collected indicators of market perceptions. The people nowadays are less critical and vocal if not totally satisfied when dealing in a restaurant.

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The customers are becoming increasingly more demanding, less tolerant ND very critical when not having the expectations. The customers have lots of choices on where and who to deal with. As a result of power has now shifted to the customer. The importance of Customer Satisfaction in a Restaurant is more on good feedbacks and Increased customers every day because of the food, customer service and the ambiance of the establishment. Customers are the most important piece of the Restaurant. You can have the best Ingredients, outstanding dining area, and quick employees, but without customers It Is Just an empty building.

In the community, customers are the primary source of income and restaurant rating. The customer has a different perception in satisfaction, some of them are satisfied to the food, to the services and some of the customers are satisfied to the ambiance itself. The researchers choose the Simply Thai Restaurant as the topic because of the curiosity to the customers. The researchers are interested to the feedbacks or comments of the customers to the restaurants and the satisfaction level of the customers to the services of Simply Thai while eating in the restaurant.

In particular, food quality, atmosphere, menu variety, service from staff, cleanliness, styling, price, interior design and dcord, professional appearance of staffs, and store location have been Identified as component of store Image In the restaurant Industry. The food quality Is the major component of having customers. The satisfaction of the customers Is more on foods. But the level of the satisfaction will increased If the service of the restaurant was extremely good. And the environment or ambiance can help the restaurant to be the center of attraction.

Therefore, it is essential for business to effectively manage customer satisfaction. To be able do this, firms need reliable and representative measures of satisfaction. Therefore, I conclude that the researchers found out that the firms generally asked the customers whether the product or the service has met or exceeded the expectations. Thus, expectations are a key factor of behind satisfaction. When the customers have high expectations and the reality falls short, they will be dissatisfied and will likely rate the experiences as less than satisfying.

Background of the Study impression in the west at the end of the 17th century, through the reports of a series of inquisitive Frenchmen. Similarly, Thai cuisine blends Chinese, Indian and Arabic influences into something uniquely Thai. It is light, fresh and traditionally seasoned with chili, peppers, and aromatic herds. The secret of Thai cooking is delicate balance between the spices and the main ingredients so that one does not overwhelm the other. It is the blend, the balance that counts. In Simply Thai, the target market will help the establishment to be successful.

The usual customers in Simply Thai are people who are elite or in a high class and the people who are in the average level. The services like treating the customers’ right will be the center of attraction so that the satisfaction of the customers will level up by experiencing it. The ambiance itself will be a big help also to have the satisfaction. The food and beverages also will be a plus point for the establishment so the customers will be satisfied. Customers will have different perception about the Simply Thai, that perception will help the Simply Thai to improve the establishment to have the satisfaction level of the customers.

Setting of the Study The Simply Thai is located at the ground floor of Greenbelt 5 Legal’s Street Legal’s Village Magmata City. Simply Thai has only one branch in Metro Manila; it was located at Greenbelt g’s ground floor, the side near Greenbelt 1 . The business hours of the saturate is every Sunday to Thursday starts at pm to 1 1 pm. And every Friday to Saturday, it starts at pm to man. Figure 1 Location Map of Simply Thai Restaurant Conceptual Framework The Kane model is a theory of product development and customer satisfaction developed in the asses by Professor Anoraks Kane which classifies customer preferences into five categories.

The Attractive Quality provide satisfaction when achieved fully, but do not cause dissatisfaction when not fulfilled. The second one is the One-dimensional Quality; this quality attributes result in satisfaction when fulfilled and dissatisfaction when not fulfilled. The Must-be Quality are taken for granted when fulfilled but result in dissatisfaction when not fulfilled. The fourth one is the Indifferent Quality; it is refer to aspects that are neither good nor bad, and the result is either in customer satisfaction or customer dissatisfaction.

The Reverse Quality is a high degree of achievement resulting in dissatisfaction and to the fact that not all customers are alike. Customer Satisfaction is a measure or degree of how products and services supplied by a company meet or surpass customer expectation. It is a big criterion for the establishment to be satisfied their customers in all aspects. Customers want to have the satisfaction they want. They want to be satisfied because they have great expectations from your restaurant. They are looking for something that can make them satisfied. Satisfaction level of the customers can help you have a good feedbacks, reviews, or comments.

The respondents answered the questionnaires sincerely and genuinely. Significance of the Study The study focuses on the satisfaction level in services of the customers in Simply Thai. It is important because it is a strategy for the restaurant to increase the customers every day. Not only to increase but to have a regular customer in each day had that passed. The establishment is responsible for the satisfaction of the customers. It is a big help for their company or establishment to have a good feedbacks from the customer. For the customers, it is also a big help for the being satisfied will level up.

To be satisfied is not an easy feeling, because every customer has its own perception about the satisfaction level. This study would serve as a tool for the future customers who will try to eat in Simply Thai. So, the customers will know the reasons why some people are always eating or hanging out there. The customers will experience the satisfaction that other people felt. This study would help people in understanding the importance of satisfaction level. It will help them to realize that it is not all about the things, foods and etc. That matters.

It does about the feeling of being satisfied of what you’ve been do. It is the satisfaction that matters. And this study would serve as a guide for the students in preparation of their undergraduate research. It could be also a reference for professionals and other researchers conducting related studies. Scope, Limitation and Delimitation of the Study The study focused on the customer satisfaction level of Simply Thai in terms of DOD, customer services and environment. Definition of Terms It indicates a shorthand reference within a document that refers to another name or idea in the document.

Satisfaction Level. It is defined as a measure of how products and services supplied by a company meet or surpass their expectations. Customers Satisfaction. It is defined as the number of customers, or percentage of total customers, whose reported experience with a firm, its products, or its services exceeds specified satisfaction goals. Service. It is defined as the intersection between the actual sales and the customer. The aim of high performance service management s to optimize the service-intensive supply chains, which are usually more complex than the typical finished goods supply chain.

Food. It is any subcomponent’s to provide nutritional support for the body. It is usually of plant or animal origin, and contains essential nutrients, such as carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, or minerals. The substance is ingested by an organism and assimilated by the organism’s cells in an effort to produce energy, maintain life, or stimulate growth. Environment. It is the surroundings of a physical system that may interact with the system by exchanging mass, energy, or other properties.