Customer Satisfaction in Restaurants

But to some they consider It to be a form of exploration. People have the tendency to go for the food which they would not have access to. For most of the people they love to eat out because sometimes they want to spend time with their family or friends without having to cook, clean, wash the dishes and go through that time consuming and troublesome preparations. For few they love to eat out because they have nothing ready prepared at home or probably they are out in the road so it is rather more convenient to eat in a restaurant.

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Depending on what reason an individual has on why he or she would prefer to eat in restaurant, there would always be a set of reasons in his or her mind ahead of choosing what restaurant to go to. Most often than not, the significant characteristics were based on reviews published for these restaurants or probably based on the personal experience gained on their last ovals or shared through word of mouth have already been evaluated In the mind of the customers leading to a decision of addling.

In the year 2013, restaurant industry has undoubtedly not been free from either very stiff competition or from increasing and very highly demanding customers’ expectations on food quality and customers service. Thus, In this greatly competitive food industry, those businessmen who are capable of capitalizing on cost of leadership, marketing strategy and image upgrade benefits through differentiation over smaller independent restaurants.

Branding keeps on gaining importance in the marketing of restaurant services as manifested in the various airing of commercials on television, radio and print media which attracts the customers through their marketing service and by making their customers gain brand loyalty. Some of these are Man’s, Barrio Fiesta, Mesa and more. In a way, this contributes to the Increase In customer satisfaction which Is manifested In their continuous patronage of the restaurant and its products. situated in the business district of Passing City. The study will answer the following questions: 1.

What are the factors that influence customers’ satisfaction and how will these eventually lead to significant increase in business profit? 2. Identify the processes involved to achieve food quality and its effect on customers’ satisfaction. 3. What are the significant attributes that leads to effective customer service in a restaurant setting and how does it affect customer satisfaction? 1. The purpose of the study is to relate the importance of dining attributes in terms of food quality and customers service in achieving customers satisfaction.

The role of food quality and customer service is very important for knowing the effects in customers satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is the manifestation of whether customers will come back again to patronize the restaurant. Customer satisfaction shall then be a strong performance indicator which will eventually can be translated to profit by the restaurant owners. Name (optional) Age Gender 1. Name of the Filipino Restaurant 2. Location of the restaurant 3. How often do you visit this restaurant? A. Everyday B. Or 3 times a week C. Others 4. For how long have you been a regular client of this restaurant? 5. Is there a particular product or services of this restaurant that you keep coming back for? 6. What makes you comeback to this restaurant? Encircle as many answers as possible. A. Food B. Ambiance C. Location D. Accessibility G. Special promo deals, Discounts H. Basic facilities inside the restaurant l. Cleanliness of the restaurant J. Payment Convenience E. Friendly, Accommodating and Helpful staff K. Convenience in terms of area size F. Easy and fast Order Taking process L.