APA: James White

What the client was looking for:

Emotional, hard-selling copy targeting members to attend monthly seminars. Used for electronic & print media.
Industry: Photography and Entertainment

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Hollywood Blockbuster.

When it comes to photographers, James White is Tinsel Town’s Leading Man. Why? Because Angelina, Tom, Nicole, Charlize – and many, many others – know he’ll make them look flawless and seductive, much like his own career. Don’t miss this rare appearance by the photographer American Photo lauded as one of the top 100 influential people in the industry.

With international articles on his work in American Photo, French Photo, Picture Magazine, Digital Photographer and Black & White Magazine, we clearly have a lot to learn from White. Be inspired to excel by the man whose sheer volume of work surrounds us like paparazzi. Shoot your work – and your career – to new heights as White reveals the secret to his success. Get ready…they’re calling your name.

Step into your spotlight.