Spa Agio

Inviting and relaxing VO for introductory spa video.
(3 1/2 minute video narration)
Industry: Health and Wellness

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Imagine the ultimate in relaxation and tranquility, where the outside world disappears and inner peace is revealed. Escape to Spa Agio, The Northwest’s Premiere Luxury Wine spa where pathways to better living will transform your body, mind and spirit.

Owners Dwayne and Terese Clark created Spa Agio from the most decadent and luxurious treatments discovered during their travels to nearly 400 spas in 40 different countries. Every detail was carefully selected to make your spa experience simply exquisite.

Your journey to better living begins the moment you step into Spa Agio and are greeted by the calming sounds of our grand waterfall. While you wait, rake through large Chinese sandboxes to quiet your mind and drink African Ginger Honey tea to soothe your stomach. Enter a sanctuary of calm as you pass through the doors to the relaxation area. Decompress with our ritual European footbath, designed to ease your transition from a stressed state of mind to one of inner peace.

Every Spa Agio treatment brings you closer to the total relaxation you deserve. Massages are enhanced for comfort with 650 thread count sheets, heated beds and fluffy down comforters. Gaze upon swimming fish during your massage to further achieve a relaxed alpha state. Allow yourself to be enveloped in warm blankets and a heated neck roll during a manicure and pedicure.

For the most decadent spa experience available, indulge in our skin-rejuvenating wine bath, the only one in the Northwest. Inspired by the luxurious wine baths of France, this popular spa treatment regenerates the skin through grape seed oil antioxidants.

Chinese reflexology is revered as a powerful non-invasive therapy that stimulates your body’s natural ability to heal itself. Our reflexology treatments drive toxins from the body, relieve stress and help you to achieve your optimal balance.

Before or after any Spa Agio therapy, treat yourself to a walk along our unique reflexology path, renowned as the only indoor spa pathway located within the United States. A leisurely walk on our handpicked stones will further your journey to wellness.

Our estheticians use antioxidant Grapeseed extract based skin care products and our library is filled with inspiring lifestyle books to promote well-being. Your spa therapist will recommend a personalized spascription for rituals and activities to enhance your post-spa experience. You can take your Spa Agio experience home with you by visiting our spa boutique, which features the wide array of products used during your spa treatment. Peruse further in our exclusive boutique area; a well-known place to find that perfect gift.

Great for an individual escape, Spa Agio is also the perfect place for special gatherings like birthdays, wedding and baby showers and corporate parties.

Our luxurious lunchroom serves an organic menu and provides an exclusive setting for both small and large parties. Our private concierge will help you create a customized party experience to ensure that your gathering is a special event.

Transform your mind, body and spirit today; visit Spa Agio and discover the ultimate in pathways to better living.