Tourism Industry in Malaysia

The international territorial’s worldwide for the year 2005 was 806 million with Asia Pacific receiving million tourists, and the international arrivals is expected to reach 1. 0 billion by 2010(AMP,2006:199). The rapid growth Is seen as a huge potential for further advancement of the industry, and thus strengthening of the nation’s economy through It. The Background Malaysia Is a South East Aslant country which covers area of about 336,700 square kilometer indications of West and East Malaysia.

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West Malaysia is bordered by Thailand to the north, Singapore to outhouse, South China Sea to the east, and Straits of Malice to the west. While, East Malaysia shares outsourcer border with Indonesia, and is cradled by outhouse China Sea to the west and north, and the Clause to the northeast. Malaysia is made up of the 13 states, namely Clangor, Appear, Niger Assembling, Melancholy, Pang, Pula Pining, Asked, Perils, Termagant, Skeletal, Saba and Karakas along with three Federal Territories of Koala Lump, Pituitary and Labial.

Multiplication’s city Is Koala Lump while the new administrative center is in Pituitary. Walt the population of 23 million, holocausts of Malay (57%), Chinese (8%) and Indigenous people, Malaysia become an exotic blend of cultures and multi-racial population which raciest variegation’s such as Islam, Buddhism, Taoism,Hinduism and Christianity. All this acculturates influenced each other, creating a Transylvania culture Like other developing countries, Malaysia is rich with diverse natural attractions which become an asset to the country’s tourism industry.

This is recognized by the World Travel; Tourism Council (WATT), who declared Malaysia spa destination full of unrealized potential ‘ with the main strength as the availability of a vast range of diverse attractions to suit latest; relatively affordable prices and; largely unspoiled destination (NTP, 2004 : 10). The geographic location of Malaysia, surrounded by sea, has made its rich withstanding islands’ attractions in the form of well-preserved nature, white sandy beach,delvers sea creatures and beautiful corals.

On the other hand, the larger part of Mainland’s, especially Saba Dan Karakas Is covered with Tropical rainforest’s which wholeheartedness of thousands of animal species, many of which are unique to the region and otherworld. Of amphibians and reptiles and more than 100,000 species of insects (The Encyclopedia of Malaysia, 1998). Malaysia is also abound in historical monuments such as old buildings from the era of Portuguese and Procrastinations, especially in the cities like Koala Lump,Amelia, Pula Pining and Tapping.

In addition, there realms the remains of ancient settlements like the mausoleum settlement of Lemmas Began Asked and pre-hysterectomies of Guy Nina Karakas. Malaysia is experiencing a rapid development rate as a developmentally, parallel with the nation’s economic growth. Lamentation of large scale projects and of world standard such as the Petrifaction Tower and Koala Lump International Airport (KALI) had brought credit to the nation’s tourism industry.

The 88-osteoporosis Twin Tower with the height of 452 meters, is known as otherworld tallest freestanding twin tower and serves as a landmark for Malaysia. While KALI which is capable of handling hundreds of international flights per day, is recognized as one of the observationally airports. Other tourism products include leisure and sports- related activities as well as business-related events. Tourism Industry In Malaysia Tourism industry in Malaysia started from the early sass and has become the connectionist foreign exchange earner for the country after the manufacturing sector (NOTEPAD-2010 Main Report, 2004. 9). The sector is predicted to grow at the rate of 6. 9% per year and contribute almost ARMS billion to the nation’s economy (Verbena News, Mac, 2004). In the early growth of the industry, tourism was more focused at beachcombers as a destination for relaxation. It was in the sass that it extended to include other attractions like shopping, events, theme park and nature- based. The main markets for Malaysia tourism are the neighboring SEAN countries especially Singapore, Thailand,Brunet and Indonesia.

While others include Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, China,Taiwan, India, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and he United States of America. The Malaysian tourism industry had undergone multiple challenges before assuming its position in the world tourism destination map, abreast of the other popular disproportionately. The unstable world politics, CARS and challenge posed by the other SEAN countries competing to draw tourists had initiated Malaysia to set its own strategy intensifying the tourist attractions.

Various studies were undertaken to identify the tourism demand characteristics international trend apart from define the potential products to be promoted. As such,Malaysia had increased the tourism promotions, arranged various programmer antecedents, as well as diversified and upgraded the tourism-related facilities. Malaysia Truly Asia’ is the tagging which is internationally recognized as a unquestionably brand to promote tourism in Malaysia. The branding first established 1999 hidalgo played a major role as the marketing strategy to highlight the Malaysia uncharacteristically.

The uniqueness portrayed through Malaysia Truly Asia ‘ is the diversity of tourism products offered which comprise almost all of the attractions that exist in other Asian countries. Greater emphasis was placed on attracting tourists from the short-haul and regional markets of SEAN, China, India, Japan and West Asia. Visit Malaysia Year Campaign Visit Malaysia Year Campaign which was started in 1990 became the starting point for the expansion of discounter’s tourism industry. It succeeded in triangulations 7. 45 million international tourists (Rajah l)compared to 4. 5 million in the previous year. Due to duchesses, the Visit Malaysia Year Campaign was repeated 1994 and 2007. Visit Malaysia Year 2007 husbanded in conjunction with the celebration of 50 ears Malaysian independence,whereby 240 events and festivals were organized throughout year. These include the floral festival, cultural performances, Koala Lump International Arts Festival, National Water Festival, Colors of Malaysia, Phenomenological Lantern Festival, Agway Days and Borneo cultural festival, Color endeavors of Malaysia parade and World Firework Competition.

With the variety of events and festivals, Malaysia was able to increase tourist arrivals to the country up to the year 2007 alone (humorists. Gob. My/statistic). With the Visit Amplifications, Malaysia’s arrivals are expected to breach 24. Million by 2010, with triceratops’s close to ARMS billion or IIS$17 billion. Encouragement for private investment in the tourism industry The involvement of private sector through investments in tourism related activities hassle influenced the healthy growth of the industry.

To encourage more investments from the sector, Malaysian government had prepared incentives in the form of functionalities, whereby two special funds were launched in 2001, namely the Transubstantiation Fund (TIFF) and The Special Fund for Tourism and Infrastructure. Major projects under these funds included resort development, innovation and refurbishment of hotels as well as provision of related infrastructure and services. Investments by the public sector are to support works related to improvement of public amenities, upgrading beautification of selected tourism sites, as well as restoration of historical building sites.

Continuous initiatives and incentives bathe government has increased disobedience of the private sector discontinue investing in tourism-relentlessness’s. This is demonstrativeness’s the increase in the number of hotels by 51. 2 per cent from 1,492 minion to 2,256 in 005, while the supply of hotel rooms rose by 37. 3 per cent from,413 in 2000 to 170,873 in 2005. Travel and Tour agencies increased substantially from 1021, in 2000 to 2,383 in 2005 indelicacies issued to tour coach and car rental operators increased from 18,406 in 2000 20th,610 2005 (Nine Malaysia Plan, MM 95).

Hosting of International Anchor Events The involvement of a country as the venue for international events as well as organizer of meetings, conventions and exhibitions is seen as a huge potential for generating high economic return in the tourism sector. It could also indirectly attract reign visitors either as delegations, participants, supporters, teams or audiences and bring in sigh spending business travelers’ that are willing to spend big on potential, Malaysia had invested a huge sum to provide for the required facilities.

Among the projects undertaken are developments of convention centers like textual Lump Convention Center, Pituitary Convention Center, Seepage International Circuit which feature Malaysia as host to Patrons Fl Grand PRI and Malaysian World Motorcycle Grand PRI. In addition are hotels of 5-star standard, also equipped with ethnicities for organizing international conventions and exhibitions.

While events that mark Malaysia as one of the destinations in their calendars each year include International Regatta, El Tour De Language, World Amateur Inter-Team Golf Championship, Fl Powerboat World Championship Malaysia Grand PRI, Langkawilnternational Maritime and Aerospace (LIMA) and Rainforest’s world music festival. Based on the statistic by Ministry of Tourism, from the year 2001 to 2005 alone,Malaysia had been the host to a total of 48,751 international and national events and entertaining 16,538,496 participants with the total earnings of 20. 1 billion Promoting Malaysia as a Shopping Destination Turning Malaysia into one of Asians favorite experimentation’s or the Asia gateway, is also among the straitjacketed to strengthen the tourism industry. This include rapid development of distinguished shopping malls such Assyria CLICK, Pavilion, Star Hill, Mid-Valley, NEON and so forth which offer variety of products and brands from all over the world. Among the programs undertaken include the annual Malaysia mega sale carnival Andrea End Sale to encourage tourists to shop in Malaysia.

Within the carnival periods, shoppers are awarded various discounts, facial offers and incentives. While programmers as especial visitors incentive programmers are particularly set for tourists by several shopping malls and retailers like Siesta CLICK, Curia CLICK, Metronome Department Stored Parson whereby tourists can enjoy great discounts rebate on normal price. With over 220 shopping establishments Malaysia, the diversity of merchandise beleaguering the sale ranges from fashion, accessories, Jewelry, sophisticated electrical and hi- decipherments and handicrafts.

Malaysia My Second Homepage The Malaysia, My Second Home Programs also one of the program adopted o promote Malaysia and incongruousness’s to own properties and live Malaysia. This Malaysia, My Secondhand Program evolved from the Silver Hair program, which the government introduced 1996 to convince foreign retirees above 50 years of age into making Malaysia their second home. The program adopted to encourage foreigners, their spouses independents to choose Malaysia as their second home, had attracted a total of 7,308 participants during the year 2000-2005.

The program was most popular among citizenship China comprising 24 per cent of the total, followed by Bangladesh at 1 5 per cent,Britain at 8 per cent and Singapore at 6 per .NET (www. Tourmaline’s. Gob. My ). The tourism industry is still largely supported by domestic travelers. Due to that,Malaysia Tourism has accelerate its promotions and actions to encourage domestic tourism, where people are encouraged to take local holidays through campaigns such statistic-cut Malaysia ‘ and the issuing of good value packages.

These campaigns had contributed to the strong growth of domestic tourism for the lasted years, whereby it has grown faster than the international tourism. The number of domestic tourism trips increased by 30. 1 per cent from 12. 3 million in 2000 to 16. Million in 2005. The number of domestic hotel guests more than doubled from 13. Milton in 2000 to 29. 0 million 2005. (Nine Malaysia Plan, MM 94). Identification of low-cost carriers (Laces) which provided for more affordable air travel advisors local destinations, especially Saba and Karakas, further contributed to outgrowth of local travel and tour.

Increased promotions such as the Malaysia Fest, shopping carnivals, colors of Malaysian Cut-Cut Malaysia and the development of tour packages by Malaysia Airlines(MASS) and Malaysia Association of Tour and Travel Agents (MAT) have also deed to the domestic tourism growth (Nine Malaysia Plan, 2006). The implementation of the five-day work week for the public sector, beginning July 2005, had also given a boost domestic tourism.

Based on research globally, knew tourism is beginning to take up the demonstrativeness’s such as quality products and experience, free and independent travelers(FlT) as opposed to mass tourism, use of new technologies in information seeking indoctrination, maximize yield not volume, environmental concern and protection and deteriorating. Thus, Malaysia has to think of a way to enhance the tourism industry in the future in order to remain competitive and ensure what it offers fulfill or suit the gladdened of the ours industry.

The tourism industry represents a very broad domain and could become one of the main sources of economic development and growth for a country. As for Malaysia, transliterated business and activities are growing rapidly. However, more organized indicative strategies are needed to ensure that all the tourism products that had been or to be introduced are well- promoted, marketed and handled. The trend toward postmodernism and demand for quality tourism should also be taken into account to ensure decrement tourism products could sustain and continue to generate economic return in Othello run.