APA: Robert Farber Advertising

What the client was looking for:

Emotional, hard-selling copy targeting members to attend monthly seminars. Used for electronic & print media.
Industry: Photography

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Aim. Focus. Succeed. Repeat.

Chances are Robert Farber has already influenced you.  With nine coffee table books, seventy poster images, major commercial campaigns, international exhibitions and the popular online interactive community, Photoworkshop.com, he’s hard to miss.  The award-winning Farber triumphs in both artistry and achievement.  Exposure will take on  double meaning as you discover new techniques for creation and success.

Prolific, passionate and exceptionally gifted, Farber is celebrated for his sensitive, sensual and often abstract nudes, landscapes and flower studies.  With elegant images steeped in stillness and silence, Farber manages to create simple yet powerful moments.  Realize your own unique abilities to create, capture and publish your imagination.

Exceed your expectations.