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About Us

We are an advisory and advocacy company born from the understanding that researching, creating and implementing a care management plan can be overwhelming for anyone, at any age.  We ease this process by providing appropriate recommendations from which clients and their families can make informed choices.  We developed The XX Approach to go beyond medical models in order to meet the needs of the whole person.  Our corporate offices are located in New York State, but we have advisors and advocates available to us nation-wide.

How we work.

As advisors and advocates, we provide care management recommendations based on what’s most important:  the needs and desires of the individual. We work with our clients and their families to design and implement an innovative care plan unique to each person.  Our goal is to support our clients in making the most appropriate decisions possible.

The XX Approach examines the most important aspects of an individual’s life in order to clearly understand his or her specific needs and preferences.  We look at the whole person: where they want to live, what they want to do and what resources they need.  Then, to save our clients and their families’ time, we review all the possibilities and recommend a number of suitable care management options tailored for the individual. With this information in hand, our clients are able to make informed decisions with reduced anxiety.  Once the chosen plan is implemented, we even monitor the living arrangement to ensure the person is receiving the best care available to them.

With our help, clients and their families are able to make comprehensive short and long term care management plans with less stress, stronger crisis prevention and more peace of mind.


“What is The XX Approach?  How does it work?”

We understand that every person – and every situation – is unique.  We developed The XX Approach so that we could truly tailor our recommendations to each client in the most comprehensive and efficient way possible.

Through The XX Approach, we a) gain a complete understanding of our clients and their desires, b) provide a complete range of alternatives from which they can choose and c) develop a plan to meet those goals.  The XX Approach also allows for maximum flexibility in our recommendations so as to continually meet the changing needs of each client.

There are five essential parts to The XX Approach:

1. Comprehensive Review.

In order to be a successful advisor and advocate to our client, we must fully understand their life situation, needs and desires.  We do this by reviewing the 10 most important areas of the client’s life: mental, physical, social, financial, legal, death preparations, location, environmental, leisure and spiritual.

2. Facilitation.

Planning care management can be emotional not just for the elderly client, but for the family as well.  We facilitate communication between all family members for smoother, less stressful interactions.  Everyone wants what is best for his or her loved one, and discussing the situation with a third party often brings families closer together.

3. Recommendations.

With a clear picture of the individual’s needs and preferences, we then thoroughly research our resources to determine the appropriate recommendations.  Presented with several options, the client and family can make an informed decision for the proper care management plan.

4. Implementation.

Once the care management plan is chosen, we help the client and family put the plan into action.  We can make calls to the facilities, make appointments with the professionals and even arrange transportation.  Or, we can provide the current care manager with all the pertinent information so they can make arrangements.

5. Ongoing Support.

In order to ensure the client is receiving the most appropriate care and services possible, we monitor the living arrangements and procedures, holding agencies and facilities accountable for their services.  As the needs and desires of the client change, we provide further support and adjusted recommendations.


The Comprehensive Review

The goal of the Comprehensive Review is to understand the whole person, so we can recommend plans that meet all of the individual’s needs, not just some of them.

There are 10 essential parts to the Comprehensive Review:

1.  Mental Health.

Understanding our client’s mental health is essential to understanding what they want, what they like and what their intellectual, emotional and creative needs are.  We obtain this information through our interactions with them, sometimes in a variety of settings.  Additionally, with the client’s permission, we like to speak with family members, friends and others who are important to our client and his or her care.  Professionals are consulted for specific expertise when appropriate.

2.  Physical Health.

Understanding our client’s physical health helps us to determine any additional assistance they may need, including adaptive equipment, home modification or other aids.  As with mental health, professionals are consulted when appropriate.

3.  Social Support.

Knowing our clients inner circle of people they trust helps us understand their support system.  With the permission of the client, we speak with their family and friends for additional insight into developing a plan.  These insights reinforce our direct interaction and enable us to be an effective advocate.

4.  Financial Comprehension.

Constructing any type of plan involves consideration of the available finances and care management is no different.  Understanding a client’s financial situation helps us to develop a practical and sustainable plan for that person.  Additionally, as an advocate, we ensure there is appropriate financial planning in place for their expectations.

5.  Legal Plans.

With the wishes of the individual put into legal form, major emotional and financial crises can be avoided.  Though we do not prepare legal documents (i.e.: living trusts, wills, advance directives, etc.), we do ensure that our clients have adequate planning in place that is consistent with their wishes, including these documents.

6.  Preparing For Death

We know this can be a sensitive subject for most people, yet it is something that needs to be planned for.  We can assure our clients, though, that once they express their desires and know those desires will be met, there is typically a sense of great relief, having taken care of the tough questions.  The whole family will benefit emotionally and financially from making these preparations now, rather than avoiding the issue, which can lead to potential crisis later.  In fact, many times we are able to take what could be emotional and divisive issues and turn them into areas of strength for our clients and their families.

7.  Location

Leaving or changing one’s home can be emotional at any age.  To assist with a less stressful transition, we look at the geography, property and location to make sure that the best possible solution is found for the client’s happiness.  We don’t just look for a location that meets the medical needs of our clients; we want them to be in pleasant surroundings with easily accessible resources.  A Care Manager is typically no more than 22 minutes away.

8.  Environment

Environment refers to the actual residence the client lives in.  Typically, the kind of support services needed dictate the type of property chosen.  Again, this is done in a comprehensive fashion taking into account all 10 areas of the client’s life.  With support services close by, emergencies can be minimized and handled immediately when they do occur.

9.  Leisure

Constructing a plan doesn’t exclude the fun stuff.  In fact, participating in activities and hobbies is essential to improving quality of life.  Instead of feeling lonely or isolated, individuals enjoying themselves in a group activity often experience improved self-esteem and energy.  It’s an area often neglected, but as an advocate, we offer added value by providing recreational ideas consistent with our client’s wishes.

10.  Spiritual

Our belief systems are our anchors in life, especially during times of great change and upheaval.  Understanding and supporting the belief system of our clients helps us make recommendations that are consistent with those beliefs and desires, smoothing an otherwise difficult transition.  Spirituality completes the support system that is essential for a successful care plan.


“Why should we use XX?”

There are many benefits to working with us for your care management needs.  The XX Approach was designed to save you time and alleviate stress while still meeting the unique needs of the individual.

Crisis Minimization.

Our Comprehensive Review covers all the important aspects of the elderly client’s life, decreasing the possibility of any crisis in those areas (financial, emotional, health-related, placement related, etc.).

Less Familial Stress.

Our Family Facilitation takes the pressure off the family as they approach a loved one to talk about difficult subjects.  The elderly client is also more likely to be forthcoming with an advocate about issues that may be too embarrassing or too emotional to discuss with the family.  Through this facilitation, important information is still communicated and implemented, consistent with the client’s expectations.

Save Time.

We save you time, stress and anxiety by utilizing our knowledge and familiarity with the care management field in order to offer comprehensive tailored recommendations.  We also assist in the implementation of the chosen direction, allowing you to focus on other important matters.

Secure Decision-Making.

Our comprehensive recommendations enable you to feel secure in your decisions.  You are choosing from only the best available alternatives.

Client Life Enhancement.

Implementing a plan that places the needs and desires of the client first often enhances their quality of life by maximizing their self-esteem and independence.

Peace Of Mind.

The family can rest easy knowing that their loved one is not only receiving the best care possible, but that we are constantly monitoring the plan for any needed adjustments.  The client feels safe knowing an advocate has their best interests in mind.


“What makes XX unique?”

This is an important question, one that we get asked often.  Here are just a few of the reasons why we are unique:

The XX Approach.

We view the whole person and provide complete recommendations tailored for their specific needs and desires.  Our approach is not built on a medical model.

Custom Care Management Plan.

We know that every person, family and situation is different.  That’s why we developed the Comprehensive Review as part of The XX Approach; so we could tailor each care management plan to each individual’s needs.  Our clients aren’t numbers, they’re people.

Supervision Model.

These are difficult decisions and that’s why we don’t just leave it to you to figure out for yourself.  Our model includes structured supervision, collaboration and discussion.  This is how we ensure consistency in meeting the needs of our clients.

Our only compensation comes from our clients.

That means we aren’t obligated to anyone else but our client and their family.  We refer individuals to specialists, but we don’t receive commissions from them.  Every action and recommendation we make is in the best interest of the client.

Our clients stay independent.

We understand the desire to stay autonomous – no one wants to be baby-sat.  We strive to keep our clients as independent as their needs and desires allow them to be, keeping them active and happy.

We can help a little or a lot.

Depending on the life situation of the client, they may need a little help or a lot of guidance.  We can assist with a single task such as finding a daily care manager, or we can oversee the entire process.

Care Managers are available nationally.

We have care management in place across the nation. Good care managers should be close to their clients, so it is our goal to have a care manager less than 22 minutes away.  Family members can rest easy knowing someone is nearby to provide support for their loved one.